How to Get AdSense Approval in 15 days?

How to Get AdSense Approval in 15 days?

How to Get AdSense Approval in 15 days? If you want to get AdSense approval then you need to follow some policies. And you need to consistency in this Blogging field. If you have patience then you will get success in future. Otherwise you will be de-motivate and leave the blogging field. So, keep patience.

Now a days Google AdSense is more intelligent and if you make any mistake or violate any policy or rule then Google AdSense easily find the mistake and suspend your AdSense account.

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How to Get AdSense Approval in 15 days?

Yes, you can get AdSense approval in 15 days. If you want Google AdSense approval quickly then you need to follow the below criteria strictly. Otherwise you can't get the approval.

1. You Need to Buy a Top Level Domain:

It means when you create a blog, then you need to buy a top level domain because the top level domain help you to get AdSense approval more faster than the other blog.
If you create a blog on Blogger then a sub-domain already attached with your blog URL like "". You need to remove the last part of your blog URL which is "".
After that you need to add a top level domain like .com .net .in etc. with your blog. And you can buy your domain from anywhere. No need to buy from specific site. You need to just attach a domain in your blog URL that's it.

If you using Blogger then no need to buy Hosting for your blog. Otherwise if your site is on WordPress then you need to buy Hosting for your Blog.

2. Write SEO Friendly Articles:

In this field content is king it means if you write SEO friendly articles and post in your blog then you will a get a chance to rank your article on the top page of the Google Search. If your article rank on Google Search then you will get organic traffic in your Blog. And this will increase your chance to get the AdSense approval on your Blog.
Write minimum more than 25 SEO friendly articles and the length of the article is more than 700 words. There are many bloggers said that you need to write 1000 words article, 1500 words article, but I recommend you to write 700 words article to get the AdSense approval. Because Google never says that you need to write 1000 words article, 1500 words article, Google says that the minimum length of an article is more than 300 words. You need to just follow the all terms and conditions of the Google AdSense that's it.

3. Use a SEO Friendly Template or Theme:

You need to use a SEO friendly and fast loading theme for your blog. You can search it on Google and you will found lots of themes available and you need to select one of theme and install it in your blog.

4. Customize the Theme:

Before applying Google AdSense approval, you need to customize the theme which you install in your blog. Because there are many unnecessary URL present in the theme that's why you need to customize the theme according to your blog. This is mandatory for Google AdSense approval.

5. Create Mandatory Pages:

You need to create the all mandatory pages and also need to include the all mandatory pages in your blog before applying the AdSense approval. The all mandatory pages are given below. 

Privacy Policy: You can create this page through online, you need to just go to google and search "Privacy policy generator" and then there are many results will appear in front of your screen just click one of them and enter some basic details like blog name, blog URL etc. and then hit the "Generate" button, within a second your Privacy Policy page will ready to use. Now you can use this page for your blog.

Disclaimer: You can also follow the above process to generate the Disclaimer page. After creating the Disclaimer page you need to include the page in your Blog.

About Us: In this page you need to write about your blog. Which type of blog and which services you are are providing. That's it.

Contact Us: This page is only for contact with you. Because if any user facing any issue regarding any article or your blog then the user can contact with you. And in this page you need to clearly mention your contact details like you can add your e-mail for contact purpose.

6. SEO Setting for Your Blog (Blogger):

There are some setting, which you need to enable for your blog. If you not complete the SEO setting then you can't find your blog on Google Search after adding your blog on Google Search Console. So, this is an important setting that you need to complete it.

7. Add Your Blog in Google Search Console:

After all the above processes completed then you need to add your Blog in Google Search Console. Because Google Search Console helps you to index your articles and also rank your articles on Google Search. It is necessary to add your blog in Google Search Console.

7. Don't Write Any Policy Violating Content:

If you write any article that violate the AdSense policy then you can't get the AdSense approval. So, before publishing article, you need to checkout the AdSense Policy at a glance.


After completing the above all processes within 15 days then you need to complete the final checkup of blog like check your all articles, check your all Settings, check your blog template or theme. I recommend you to check the all articles very carefully because if any article violate the AdSense Program Policy then you can't get the approval.

In my case, I have got five times rejections for Policy Violating on this blog. That's why, I told you to check your all articles very carefully.

And If you think your blog is totally ready for AdSense then apply for AdSense approval.

One more thing, If you facing any issue regarding AdSense approval then you can comment below and I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Also If my article help you then you please leave a sweet comment for this article and don't forget to share this article with your friends.

Thanking You!

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