How to Rank Your Website on The First Page of Google Search in 2022 ?

How to Rank Your Website on the First Page of Google
How to Rank Your Website on The First Page of Google Search in 2022: I hope there are maximum people are searching that How to get on the first page of Google in 24 hours? and also searching that how to improve google search ranking?, how to rank organically on google? and many more question in the public mind.

So, I am back with an article which will help you to improve google search ranking. So, don't worry just read this carefully. That's it.

No one could deny that Google is the maximum famous search engine to date. Which is why we creating a manual on a way to rank your blog or website on the top page of Google.

Learning a way to rank your website on the top page of Google is one of the maximum essential matters you could do in your business, due to the fact let’s have a take a observe the arena today, if you’re searching out an answer, maximum people’s beings are going to show for Google for pretty much anything. 

From services, products, and trendy help, Google is a best place for getting huge amount of audience and also you can generate a massive amount of revenue from these audience.

There are many companies are available in the Google to rank your website on the first page of Google. Also, they can charge you for this service however do they simply let you know how they do it? 

Most probably not! 

With Google taking approximately 92% of the search engine marketplace percentage as of April 2021, dominating Google`s first-web page seek effects can actually convey a LOT of customers.

Another factor I need to say in this manual as properly is, why waste time clicking the subsequent web page of the quest consequences while the web sites that incorporate the meatiest and juiciest facts which you want may be observed on the top page? 

This unavoidably is the cause why 75% of customers do now no longer click on at the succeeding pages of the quest consequences – peoples need short get right of entry to the information they want. 

Even in case you controlled to land a gap on the second page of the searching list, you're nonetheless nearly invisible. If you need to recognize the way to rank your internet site on the top page of Google without losing any more time at the “latest trends”, then scrolling down.

How to Rank Your Website On The First Page of Google Search?

  1. Submit Your Website on Google Search Console.
  2. Select the Proper Keyword to Get Maximum Traffic.
  3. Check Competitors.
  4. Add Internal Links and Create Quality Backlinks.
  5. Target the Featured Snippets.
  6. Create a Good Meta Tag.
  7. Optimize Your Website for Mobile.

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1. Submit Your Website on Google Search Console.

After creating a website then you need submit your website on Google Search Console because Google Search Console help the google bots to discover your website as soon as possible. Google bots always crawling the Google page to discover website.
After that create a sitemap for your website and submit the sitemap on Google Search Console. Sitemap also helps the google bots to index your website as earlier.

2. Select the Proper Keyword to Get Maximum Traffic.

Keyword is most important factor to rank your website on Google first page. You need to think that what are the people are searching on the google. If you find the exact solution then you're a genius. If you have any problem to find the keyword then I will help you to get the proper solution of this problem.
There are many tools are available for keyword searching, in this case there are some paid tools and some free and basic tools are available in Google.
Basically maximum peoples are using these two tools which are Ahrefs and SEMrush and some free tools also available on Google which are Google Keyword Planner and also many more.
Search a keyword and always check the search difficulty must be less than 15 otherwise you can't rank your website on the first page of google.

3. Check Competitors. 

This point notice you to check your competitors websites which are already ranked on the Google first page. After checking the several websites you will get some idea from those website and that idea is apply in your website.
Also check the competitors articles, check the article length, check the article introduction part, check the keyword stuffing etc.

4. Create Internal Links and Create Quality Backlinks.

Backlinks are essential due to the fact they could decorate the web page`s authority. Between high-authority pages and low-authority pages, better authority web sites have a tendency to advantage a better rating. 
If you've got got an awesome quantity of first-class one way links on your specific web page, it method that your web page affords the important facts that human beings must take a look at out. 
Many top-rating web sites have lots of one way links (and counting) over the years. Adding applicable inner hyperlinks is any other manner to reinforce the authority of your web page. 
So a way to you get one way links in your website? 
Without going into an excessive amount of detail, one of the first-rate methods to collect one way links is to search for comparable web sites and in reality emailing them and in the end asking them to hyperlink to a piece of writing in your website.

The hyperlinks that factor for your web website online or your one-way links inform Google that different web sites agree with within side the authority of your website online and regard it as a good one. 
It is vital to take word that the one-way links from the similarly official websites are those which could assist increase the ratings of your page. 
They need to now no longer be poisonous or junk mail hyperlinks. As stated earlier, it's miles vital to preserve the shape of your URL the equal and by no means extrude it. If reconfiguring a number of your URLs is inevitable, don`t neglect about to redirect the ones vintage URLs for your new ones.

5. Target the Featured Snippets.

I think you have already seen the featured snippets of any posts which is found in the above of the google search results. This is a ranking factor of post.
The short texts is commonly offer brief solutions to the searcher`s queries. These quick snippets are the featured snippets that assist you to rank your net web page and feature a threat to land a gap on the primary web page of the hunt list. 
You can't determine which textual content will to be featured as Google is the only in an effort to determine. Sadly, there`s no unique system or precise code in an effort to make sure that the textual content to your content material might be selected via way of means of Google. 
There`s no manner or approach that you may mechanically win the featured snippet spot. However, you may regulate the content material barely to enhance your probabilities of being featured.

Some tips for Snippets:
  • If you're discussing a positive process, it's miles pleasant to apply a bulleted layout and concise, short sentences. You can positioned this on the pinnacle of the web page to make it greater visible. 
  • When you preparing a list, you have to use bullets that have to be determined close to the pinnacle web page. 
  • Take be aware that the featured snippets typically solution the questions that start with how, why, where, when, what, and who. You may also put together content material that offers an instantaneous solution to such questions. 
  • You may additionally attempt to offer solutions to associated inquiries to make sure which you have mentioned the challenge in full. Doing so can assist set up your self because the authority to seek advice from on your industry.

6. Create a Good Meta Tag.

Always try to create a good meta tag because meta tag is a vital point of any website. Google bots always crawl the meta tag of every new website. That's why I recommend you to always create a good meta tag.

7. Optimize Your Website for Mobile.

Optimize your website means always try to use a lite weight theme in your website, customize your theme according to your website topic and add a search description about your website etc. Because google always check the loading speed a a website and the loading speed is depend in your themes.
Now a days maximum themes is responsive and mobile friendly so you can use one of them and before installing a theme always check this point.


I hope you read this article carefully, So, if you maintain this all points in your website then I am sure that you will also get the first position of the Google Search. And you will get a huge amount of audience and also you will generate massive amount of revenue.

If you have any query about this article then comment below I will answer your question as soon as possible.

Thank You.

I have covered the below topics:
  • How to get on the first page of google in 24 hours?
  • How to Improve Google Search ranking?
  • How to get on google first page for free?
  • How to rank organically on Google?

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